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Friday, June 29 I had Arthroscopic Surgery to take care of some ragged pieces in the cartilage in my right knee.  I’m sure that the first damage goes back many years, but it got significantly worse this spring.  I toughed it out until I got the bulk of the spring work done, then I started seeing doctors.  Finally I saw a surgeon, and we set the date for surgery.  With a bare minimum of preparation, they walked me into surgery, put me out, and went to work.

When I woke up, they walked me out to the car for my wife to take me home.  What I could see of my knee looked like this.

The word was, keep it dry, start your exercises, change your bandages.  Under the wrap I had two big pads to catch any leaks.  A few days later we switched to band aids.  I still kept it wrapped, mostly to keep the band aids in place.

Today was my second trip to the physical therapist.  The swelling is down and range of motion is returning.  I’m still a bit tenuous going down stairs, but the rest is returning.  Today my knee looks like this.

You can see the two small scabs just below the knee cap, with one on the left side above.  I’ve started sleeping without any bandaids or wraps on the knee.  Showers are OK, but no swimming yet.   Oh, you should see this!

Isn’t that a beauty of a bruise.  That’s where they put the tourniquet.  It’s going to take a while for that to go away.

I’m still working on range of motion stuff, but I am getting better.  The knee is more than a bit tight.  I have very little pain, even when doing my exercises.  I wonder why I didn’t just go and have it this spring when things first got bad.

So there you have it, my knee is doing much better.  Thanks for you concern,



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Why didn’t you have it done this spring? Because usually we think things will get better. Good to hear that you are improving.

Comment by Minnesota Prairie Roots

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