Minnesota Farmer

Visitors, wanted and unwanted

We’ve had a few animal visitors lately, some we want and some we’d rather had stayed away.

I was delighted to see this frog sitting on a lilly pad two days ago.  I had lots of frogs in the pond early this spring, but very few since.

My mom had been harvesting about two quarts of raspberries until the robins found them.  Now every time she approaches the garden a dozen or more fly off.  They don’t even let the berries get ripe, but eat them just before they are ready.

I heard a splash in my koi pond two nights ago when I went to look at it before going to bed.  In the morning a few pots had been dug in, but not much to worry about.  This morning my goldfish pond looked like this.

Water lilly’s had been torn up and hyacinth and water lettuce were upside down.  Worst of all, four 10 year old goldfish are missing.  I suspect a raccoon, but have no evidence to prove it.  With my sweet corn about ready for harvest, I hope I am wrong.

Some barn swallows built a nest on a roof bracket over the kitchen window.  Although I like barn swallows since they eat insects, what they do to the side of the house has my bride upset.  The word is out, they need to move soon!

I really do want animal visitors, but sometimes i wish they would not be so messy.



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