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Around and around
September 20, 2012, 7:35 pm
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There are many farmers in this area of Minnesota that have been going around and around, and I happen to be one of them.  We’re going around areas that were replanted because of all of the rain this spring, and around areas that are just not ready to be harvested.

So far I’ve only been harvesting corn.  That I have corn ready to harvest this early in the year is amazing.  The heat of the summer advanced many varieties so that we could begin corn harvest before the soybeans were ready.  Where the corn was able to get more water it is in better condition and is still green.  The areas where there was a lack of water, the plants died before the rest of the field and we are harvesting those areas.   This is not the way we want to do harvest, but it is the best way to get all of the corn.

I’ve been able to harvest the earlier maturing varieties and put them right into the bin with no drying, saving time and money.  Also the condition of the corn is very good.  Despite the dryness of the corn there is very little ear drop, allowing us to harvest all of the ears of corn.  That is why we are harvesting now, to wait would mean ears on the ground.

So far the corn yield is good.  Most varieties are averaging from 140 to 160 bushels per acre.  Not what we expect in a year with better weather, but really good for the little rain we got.

Some farmers in this area have started soybean harvest.  Soybeans are daylight sensitive and start to mature at the same time every year.  Again, farmers are harvesting the areas that are ready and leaving the rest.  It will mean going back later in the year to complete harvest, but for now it is what we must do.

When the leaves are all gone from the soybeans, then we will be able to start harvest.


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