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The girls got tools
October 15, 2012, 8:12 am
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It happened again.  My youngest has the boys borrowing her tools, in this case a hammer.

Farm girls learn a little bit of everything it seems.  Our children have grown up with us planting and harvesting, but also building, remodeling and refinishing.  So who do the city boys turn to when they need some fix-up tools?  A country girl, she can even show them how to fix it if they ask.

My favorite story from my daughters is from the first year our youngest was teaching.  She was living in a house with two others.  When food started disappearing from the fridge they decided it was time to change the locks on the door.  The guy who was the “manager” of the house bought the lock sets and the tools he thought he needed to get the job done, despite our daughter telling him she had all the tools needed to do the job.  Our youngest came home to find him with pieces all over, struggling to understand the directions.  She showed him how to do the job and then went of to do some other things.  That night when she came back, the back door lock was in pieces on the table.  He was stuck again, so she just replaced the back door locks for him.

So watch out guys!  That country girl just may be able to show you a thing or two about things you would least expect.


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Hi Michael, How is the harvest going – corn and soybean? Are you growing any GM crops on your land? What’s your take on GM? I’ve been writing about it quite a bit and trying to create some journalistic balance on the subject by applying science and not hysteria to the conversation. Would love to hear back from you or other farmers you know that are looking at the issue of GM crops.

Comment by lenrosen4

Nearly all of our crops are genetically modified. I can tell you that we would not have had anything near the crop yields we had this year without GM crops.

Comment by Michael

Who is the developer of the seed you use? Is it Monsanto?

Comment by lenrosen4

Hang on lenrosen! I’ll be doing a set on my experience with GM crops soon.

Comment by Michael

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