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Locked in til spring
November 20, 2012, 9:04 am
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We’re facing the last warm days of fall and for now our drought may be locked in.  We’ve had no fall rains to recharge our soils here in Southwestern Minnesota and with December in the near future our soils will be freezing soon.

It’s going to be hard for the snows of winter to melt into our frozen winter soils, thus we will be waiting for spring rains if they come.

The records say that there is only a 5% chance of a third dry year in a row, but we may be looking at the 5% if things do not change before planting in 2013.  All we can do is wait.




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Hi Michael, I gather you practice dry farming techniques on your acreage. What is the primary irrigation source for drawing water? Is Southwestern Minnesota normally considered a separate climate zone from the lakes area to the north and east?

Comment by Len Rosen (@lenrosen4)

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