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We can all do better
November 26, 2012, 1:32 pm
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Weather it is cleaning up our part of the world or taking care of others in this world, we can all do better.  I know I am not always the absolute recycler, there are things I could do yet to save reusable things.  I know I could use my car less, and thus help cut greenhouse gasses.  I should be able to eat less and save more.  Is it maybe because of fear that we don’t want to look for those less fortunate, fear that we may not like what we see?

Love of self is one of the first things we all show when we grow up.  Young children always start out with a “mine” attitude.  We have to be taught that this world is ours to take care of.  Even then we still want to look out for Number 1.  There is a little bit of “let someone else do it” in all of us too.  So how do we get over ourselves and learn to take care of our world?  I really don’t know, but I keep trying.

So this is for all of you who are trying a little bit, I’m in there struggling with you.  We can all do better.



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Hi Michael, I think we are beginning to witness a change in attitude among young people largely because social media has increased awareness of environmental issues. What we have yet to do is get the attention of governments but that, too, will come in time.

Comment by Len Rosen (@lenrosen4)

I thought I saw increased awareness of environmental issues in the 70’s also, but things never got much better. Soon gasoline prices went down and we were back to everything being cheap and throw away again.

Comment by Michael

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