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Time to winterize
December 5, 2012, 5:02 pm
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100_1514It’s December in Minnesota, my pond has had several days where it has iced over, but I have pushed my luck far enough, It’s time to winterize the pond.  My floating plants died out with the first freezing day and they have long ago made their way to the compost pile.  Now it’s time to turn off the water circulation pump and take it out.100_1737

My pump is under the bridge.  I take a section of the bridge out to get at the pump basket.  With the cover off you can see the pump churning away.100_1738

With the pump off I can remove and disconnect it so that I can drain the hose.  I’ll clean off the pump and put it away for the winter.100_1739

I already added the heater to the pond when the colder weather started, but now with the pump off and the stream bed quiet it’s time to add the air pump.100_1740

The air pump has two long hoses to get air down into the pond, a pair of metal nuts are needed to keep the hose down in the water.  I have a cover for the pump made from an old plastic juice bottle so that snow and rain is kept off of it.100_1741

Now I can be sure that fresh oxygen is getting to the fish when the pond is iced over.  The koi hang out around the heater appreciating the extra warmth.100_1742Here’s where I hang the pump.  I have a screw to hold it all on the board beside the electrical outlet.  The pond is now ready for winter.100_1735I’ll set some of the flower pots in deeper water so the ice will not damage them and the pond is ready for winter.  There are no flowers in bloom, but the koi keep a bit of color as the ponds settles in for winter.



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Amazing that the Koi survive through the Minnesota winter. Didn’t know if you saw my posting: http://www.21stcentech.com/climate-change-update-return-dust-bowl/. I quoted from one of your blogs. Hope you like it.

Comment by lenrosen4

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