Minnesota Farmer

Life is messy, get over it!

I am constantly amazed at the folks that turn up their nose at the slightest smell, and those that cannot stand the least bit of disarray, life is messy, deal with it!

We are conceived and born in a rather messy way.  That’s how life starts out.  We eat, and the leftovers leaving our bodies are anything but neat.  To top it all off, for anything of any size to live, something must die, it’s a fact of life.  When we die, despite the nice cleaned up corpse the undertaker provides for our friends and relatives to see, we decay, it’s a fact of life.  We must join the circle of life, we are born, eat to live, perhaps pass on a few of our cells to create a bit of life to follow us or two, then we die.

Where is this all going?  Back to the farm of course.  We who are left on the farm are being told how to do our job by folks that turn up their noses at the least smell.  We have a messy job, and know how to deal with it.  Some famous person, with a fur person in their house, thinks all farm animals are just like their furry companion.  Folks, a cow is not a cat, a pig is not a dog, a chicken is not a baby.images

It seems all too easy for those with extravagant life styles to make the world better.  Out of guilt for the huge amount of money they have, they promote legislation that is supposedly better for farm animals, all the time putting farm folks out of work and making food more expensive for those who cannot afford it.  Because of “feel good” regulations, it is getting harder and harder for young folks who love the farm, to stay there.1209077677VLVem9Those of us who love the farm know what to do with pigs, cows, chickens and other livestock.  We want them to be healthy and happy despite the fact that we know we will eat them.  Leave the mess to those who understand the mess.  If you want to know how things are down on the farm, please ask a farmer, not a news anchor.



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