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Season of hope
December 23, 2012, 9:37 pm
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Why is it that the anticipation is so much better than the actual event?  Here we are in Christmas, a season for hope if ever there was one.  Soon we’ll be watching little children bounce around the house anticipating a new toy, and then they play with the box.  There will be children wanting a puppy or kitten or horse, and then finding that the chores and training that go along with that pet were not anticipated.  Are you anticipating something that in reality will never happen?

The presidents that are most remembered in our country are those who presided at times of great hope, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, The Roosevelts, Kennedy, Reagan.  Some promised more than they could deliver, but indeed the promise, and making us believe the promise are the key.  Those who can give hope will ever be those we remember fondly.

Children also are a sign of hope.  We wish for our children and grandchildren more than we had.  We hope and pray that they can be so much more than we were.  Children are our hope for the future.

I invite you to become a remembered person, a person of hope.  This is the season for hope of a better tomorrow, it may take a bit of work, but we can build it.  Please start building that hope for the future in your world today.  Even if it never happens, it is worth the work.


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