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Snowman snow
January 9, 2013, 10:18 am
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My daughter has been home for the past few weeks during a break in her college classes.  One of the things she wanted to do while she was home was to make a snow man so the children she used to teach in Hawaii could see how it was done.  The snow unfortunately was not cooperating.  We did not have any snowman type snow.

For those not from Minnesota or other northern climates would assume that if you have snow, you can make a snowman, nothing could be further from the truth.  Our snow here has been too cold to make a snowman.

All of our snow this year has fallen on very cold days.  The snowflakes have been large and dry.  They do not stick together.  You need wet sticky snow to make that snowman.  Luckily there have been a few warmer days and she did mange to find a bit of warmer snow.  Mission accomplished, we have a snowman!
We have about six inches of snow on the ground yet and until we get some melting days it will remain the dry type of snow.  Where the sun can find a spot out of the wind we are getting a bit of melting, but most of our snow is still likely to move if the wind blows.  The forecast is for some of that wet snow this weekend, and then we’ll get cold again.  We’ll see how long our snowman lasts.



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