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Not super, only a survivor
January 30, 2013, 11:25 am
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The headline says “Glyphosate resistance spreads,” but for me that is nothing new.  Chemical manufacturers always expected this to happen.  They warned farmers that it would happen,  Why are we surprised.  I noticed a resistance to glyphosate for certain plants from the first time I used it, this day was always going to come.images

It is a fact of life that organisms adapt or die.  Those that do adapt live to overcome the adversity that they were facing.  If you live in a dry area only those plants that can tolerate dry conditions adapt and survive.  If the soil is constantly wet, only those plants that can adapt, live.  No matter what the problem, it’s a live or die world.

images-1Despite headlines, these are not “super weeds” only survivors.  There are still ways to control these weeds, it’s just that one of the cheapest methods is now gone.  It is part of the battle for mother earth that we on the farm fight everyday.  When we overuse a control method, ways will be found to get around it.  There are ways, and we will find them, what we don’t know is how long the new methods will last.



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