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I used to like ice.  Going fishing on the ice with my grandfather, running and seeing how far you could slide on the ice, anything that was fun in winter was made more fun by ice.  Now I’m older and ice doesn’t hold as much fun in it.  I think of falling and getting hurt on the ice, of cars sliding on the ice, or braking through the ice, not fun activities in the cold Minnesota winter.

Some roads have gotten really bad this winter.  We had some snow and rain, and now some really cold weather that turned un cleared roads and parking lots to polished ice.  I’ve had several times where the rear of my vehicle tried to pass the front on ice in the last week.  Especially bad are gravel roads, which are not a high priority for townships and counties to clear, but some city streets are bad also.  Just think of coming down hill to a stop sign and putting on the brakes, only to have the vehicle start to slide almost onto the crossing road.  Once you stop you now have to get moving, usually up hill, on that ice.  Here’s my least favorite road of the week.100_1960

I do like icicles.  I find it amazing how they can form even in very cold temperatures when a bit of sun comes out.

100_1963Ice on trees is really cool until the branches start to break off.100_1962

Then there is the ice that tries to get into your house through cracks that should not be there.  I was not happy to see this iced over latch on one of our older windows this morning.100_1958

Maybe I’m getting old and cranky, but I no longer like ice, unless it’s in an cold drink on a hot day.basil-lemonade_300


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I would have to agree with you. I used to love going ice fishing, but now it seems as though ice is just annoying and not thick enough here in IL to go ice fishing 😦 therefore I like ice in my drink too.

Comment by katlynrumbold

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