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February 11, 2013, 12:00 pm
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Talk about food and people can get very emotional.  Talk about how our food is raised with a farmer and you also get raw emotion, especially if you try to portray his life’s work as damaging to the land, our environment or those who eat the food he raises.  As the consumer gets further and further from the farm, some have started to portray agriculture as something gross and dangerous.  That can get farm folks a little bit prickly and some have been known to lash out.  What we all need is some civil conversation.

Some in the farming community have started to understand that we need to tell our story ourselves or someone else will tell it for us and we may not like what they say.  Since many of those who are spreading the untruths of our food are using social media, it has been natural that social media has also been the method used by farm folks to tell what really happens on the farm.

Don’t get me wrong, there are bad apples in farming as there are in all areas of life.  The majority of the farming/ranching community does not condone the things they do.  We do not, however, like it when the worst of the worst gets portrayed as the norm.  There are also some common practices in agriculture that the consumer does not understand.  These practices are based on science and our critics are using emotion, the two are not equal.

I have been very happy to watch many of my peers take on these misconceptions in agriculture in the social media.  Most of these agvocates are young and female, but there are a liberal number of young men and even some of us older folks in the mix.  Groups such as “Finding Our Common Ground” have popped up that are populated with these agvocates working to answer the questions of our food buyers.

no-more-food-fights-smNow there is a soon to be released book, out February 14, 2013, by one of these young agvocates that hopes to bridge the gap between farm and foodie,  it’s called No More Food Fights!   Written by Michele Payn-Knoper, the book is “a call for decorum instead of mayhem in the conversation around food and farm.”  Michele’s blog “Cause Matters” <http://www.causematters.com/&gt; was one of the first I found when I started my blog.

Instead of a front and back cover, there are two sides to Michele’s book – the food side and the farm side.  It is designed for both farmers and foodies to read about issues from each prospective. I know the book will get a lot of interest from the farmers and ranchers, and I’m looking for a similar interest from foodies.  Hopefully this book will help us all to get rid of the pricklies.



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Thanks for sharing the news about “No More Food Fights! Growing a Productive Farm & Food Conversation” and the Valentines’ Day release. My hope is that it will move the conversation to a a different level.

Comment by Michele Payn-Knoper (@mpaynknoper)

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