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February 13, 2013, 11:06 am
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imagesI was introduced to TED talks last night by our pastor.  In particular he showed our boards the talk given by Sir Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity from 2006.  In his talk he speaks of the creativity in each child and of how our society and our schools crush that creativity as they push for tests and teach for the test.  Sir Ken speaks of how this is a good way to turn out factory workers and academics, but seldom people who think creatively.

My wife and daughter both have taught in elementary education.  They have both used techniques that help children learn by moving as they are taught.  There is a large body of evidence that without certain types of movement the child’s brain cannot develop properly.  In particular they have used the services of A Chance to Grow to develop skills in channeling childhood squirms into learning.

Sir Ken tells the story of a girl who could not sit still.  Until her mother took her to dance class she was having a tough time in school.  This girl grew up to be a world class ballerina and choreographer, all because she was given a chance to move, a chance to dance.

I am pleased that our local school still gives children a chance to experience art, music and theatre, but more and more schools are cutting the arts from their programs in the push to teach every child to pass tests.  Teaching to the test is an educational practice where curriculum is heavily focused on preparing for a standardized test.  These standardized tests are good at turning out factory workers and academics, but they do little to produce healthy creative adults.  Children are not made in factories, so how come we expect them to all turn out the same?

So here is my challenge for you.  Teach your children to be creative.  Give them open ended projects and let them figure out how they should be done.  Get them away from the TV and outside learning from the world.  Let them run, jump and climb.  Children need to get out and make mistakes, they need to get hurt and learn from the pain.  Giving children a chance to create stimulates the brain.  Who knows, your little squirmer may be famous one day.  You’ll never know if you do not give them the chance to dance.


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Kenneth Robinson is a brilliant mind. In my past work using LEGO Mindstorm to inspire children’s creativity I wrote about his talks at TED.

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