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February 15, 2013, 6:00 pm
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We do have it soft don’t we?  Think about it.  If the folks in the U.S. today had to live in the conditions that their ancestors did, or that many of our soldiers do, they just might pout because of their indignation.  Case in point, “The Cruise Ship from Hell.”  la-na-nn-carnival-cruise-investigation-2013021-001

Yes, I’ve been cruising.  I’m not real happy about it, but my bride loves it, so I go.  She’s not real happy camping out in the wilderness, which I love, so we’re even.  The difference is that when you go wilderness camping you expect to be uncomfortable, when you go on a cruise you expect to be pampered.  We expect the soft life.  When we don’t get it we pout.

The people that feel the most aggrieved will sue of course, that’s what Carnival has lawyers and insurance for.  The likely hood that anyone will win one of those suits is small since Carnival, although based in Miami, is owned by British and American interests and sails under the flag of the Bahamas.  That alone will tie things up trying to figure out which countries laws to try any lawsuits under.  Oh yes, did I mention they have some very well paid lawyers?

So maybe the cruise didn’t go so well.  I have to admit that I would not want to have been with them on that trip.  The truth is we find out a lot about human nature when we are in a tough situation, some people will buck up and take it, while others will whine and complain.  Personally I prefer to be with folks that will take what comes their way and survive.  I wonder how many of the uncomplaining will be interviewed on TV.



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