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Gas prices increase again
February 25, 2013, 9:48 am
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Gas prices have increased across the country again.  As the consumer struggles with how to pay for everything, the one item that is most effecting our prices is going up.

There is no way to avoid it.  When oil prices go up, we pay more for everything that comes to our stores.  As oil prices go up we end up with less and less in our pockets after every paycheck.  The only ones who seem to be getting bigger paychecks are those in the oil industry.  I say it’s time for oil companies to stop getting handouts from our government.imagesOil companies are proud to tell us that they are finding more oil here in the U.S. so that we will no longer be dependent on foreign oil.  Consumers are buying more fuel efficient cars and driving less.  These two items should give us lower prices at the pump, they are not.

For some reason Big Oil is taking every opportunity they have to increase their profits, all the time holding on to every government hand out they can find.  If any group should come up with an alternative to fossil fuels, you can be sure that Big Oil will be right there working on our government to get laws passed that will cripple that competitor, and they are using taxpayer dollars to do it.

Burning of fossil fuels is the biggest threat we have to the environmental and economic future that we have.  As long as big oil keeps putting road blocks in front of all alternative types of energy we will be stuck with it.  It’s time to say no to Big Oil.  Contact the president, your senator and your congressperson and tell them to end handouts to Big Oil.  We all will be better off for it.images


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Your premise on oil prices rising is flawed. In fact future oil prices are in limbo trading in a very narrow range and certainly not at the levels seen a couple of years ago before hydraulic fracturing brought the promise of new domestic supply sources.

So what is the reason for rising prices? It has to be a consequence of bottlenecks in supply and wholesale distribution.

Comment by Len Rosen (@lenrosen4)

That could be part of the problem, but to me there is just too much change in price for so few problems and so much supposed supply. Are we really working on that thin of a market that such little concern raises prices so much?

Comment by Michael

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