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POTUS, as close as I got

Whenever you visit Washington D.C. you hope for a sighting of the President.  Needless to say very few do catch sight of him without a planned event invitation.  Our Farm Bureau members could not get that far.  I’ve heard stories of close and unplanned sightings of presidents of the past.  There are those who saw a president several years ago at the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, popularly known as Washington National Cathedral.  Or story of the jogger who would see a former president out for an early morning round on the National Mall, and found himself face down in the grass when he reached for a camera.  Most people in D.C. will never get close enough to be sure he is even there.  Our encounter was not even close, but we know he was there.

During our week in D.C. President Obama was actively out visiting with senators and representatives to get something going on a budget and get the “sequester” settled.  That meant a presidential motorcade.  We were walking back to our hotel after one of our meetings one afternoon when we noticed that the street was strangely bare of all but police cars.  No one was even being allowed to cross the street on foot.  Then100_1994came several motorcycle cops,100_1996 a whole string of black limos and 100_1997 some black suburbans, what looked like a armored Hummer, an ambulance and then more police, and it was over.

There were some squealing girls across the street who thought they saw Obama through the car window, but I never saw him.  Security was impressive, those folks know what they are doing.  It’s no wonder that it is cheaper for the president to fly in a helicopter than drive.

So, no visit with the POTUS, just a few pictures of the motorcade driving by.



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Your story reminded me of the experience my wife and I had in 1974, a very different time. We went to Ottawa on our first holiday after getting married. We were on Parliament Hill when Canada’s Prime Minister at the time, Pierre Trudeau, came out of the building and with his security in tow walked over and introduced himself to us and a group of American tourists. He spent about 10 minutes with our group before leaving. A very different time.

Comment by lenrosen4

Yes, it was much different then. I have shaken hands with presidents to be and people who wanted to be presidents but never were, and their life also is much simpler before they accept the mantle of leadership.

Comment by Michael

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