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Ice on the window

The weatherman was predicting blizzard-like conditions for Southwestern Minnesota this morning, but again the predicted moisture did not come.  Our “snow” came mostly as rain, and fell not in the middle of the night, but just as the sun was starting to rise.  Overnight winds waited until after the rain to change from south to north and we have ice all over again, including quite a bit of ice on our south windows.  Morning temperatures were near freezing, but dropped quickly when the winds switched.

ice on the windows

ice on the windows

Last week we had an unusual occurrence for us, it rained over an inch in one day!  It has indeed been a long time since that much rain fell in a 24 hour period.  Since the rains fell on frozen ground, we will not get much good out of it.  The rain melted a lot of the snow we had left and quickly ran down into the low spots.  This meant a quick rise to our rivers and lakes.  Most bodies of water now have open water on the edges, or in the case of rivers, could be ice free.  Now we are going to have a few days of cold and wind.

This mornings driving was also tricky with ice on most roads.  I had to follow a snow plow/sander as I left town on my bus route which made me late for a few of my stops, but I was able to make it up on the gravel roads.  Paved roads were ice covered despite the attempts of county and state to remove the ice.

Now as the wind howls, the sun has come out.  If you can find a place out of the wind it isn’t too bad out.  I however have a few inside chores to do and will stay in the warm until I have to go.



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