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Time spent Politicing

Part of March was spent in the halls of politics for me.0-3The 8th of March my bride and I went to D.C. to visit our daughter who is in grad school and see what life is like for her this year. (https://minnesotafarm.wordpress.com/2013/03/16/into-another-land/)


In Bob Stallman’s AFBF office

While there the rest of the Minnesota Farm Bureau delegation arrived.  We got a chance to visit with American Farm Bureau President Stallman and see D.C. from his 10th floor office.There were 20 of us from Minnesota and we usually split into two groups to visit with congressional members and all 20 of us in a senate office.

The week we were there was the time that Obama was pushing congress and the senate to do something about the budget.  That meant that our pre-arrainged times could be changed if the president decided to visit.  We were lucky to get to the offices of 7 of the 8 representatives from Minnesota.  We presented out requests, tried to add in a few personal stories, and left hoping they would get something done.


Visiting with Congressman Peterson

Until the “Sequester” is figured out there is really going to be nothing that can be done in Washington.  One of our concerns was in the meat packing industry.  Because of lack of funds, meat inspectors were going to have their work weeks shortened.  This could mean a lack of inspection and possible problems for our food supply.  That issue seems to have been taken care of, but the concerns about paying for government services are still there.

I was only back a few days and I was off to St. Paul for our Ag Week visit to our Minnesota legislators.

With Representative Rod Hamilton

With Representative Rod Hamilton

Farm Bureau members from several areas of the state were in town to express our concerns about future legislation.  These visits rarely do much more than help out representatives put a face on a name.  It will be our future contacts on behalf of upcoming bills that will really have an impact.  I always enjoy the visits and the chance to be brought up to speed on what is happening in politics.  I hope to see you someday on one of my visits.


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