Minnesota Farmer

Rain! then Yuck!

The past months have been a challenge here in southwestern Minnesota.  It seems that every bit of rain just skids by leaving us with little or no moisture.  We have watched major storms move both north and south of us for almost a year now.  The weatherman will say we have a 90% chance of rain, and we stay dry.  I really am beginning to wonder if we will have enough water in the soil to do more than get our crops started.  The next few days are giving me hope.  It has been raining all morning and more is forecast for the next few days, a real spring soaker.100_2008

The yuck factor sets in as the temperatures drop and our soaking rain turns to ice again.  I do not remember a year with so much ice in all of my 60 years here.  We’ve had enough warm weather here to thaw the upper part of our soil, but I’m not sure if the frost is gone yet or not.  A cold rain will not help to thaw our frozen ground.  At least the forecast is for several days of moisture, then some warm weather, planting time is fast approaching and we need some warm.

Leo, our local weather prognosticator, has put out his long term weather for our area and it is cold and dry.  Leo uses the first full days of spring to forecast the years weather.  I have been amazed at how often he is right.  His forecasts are a bit vague, but anytime you are forecasting for a full year in advance it is hard to be specific.  I can only hope he is wrong about the dry part of the forecast.

No matter what the weather, we will do our best here to get a crop in the ground, after all, we have a world to feed.


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