Minnesota Farmer

A five day wonder

Wow, talk about some weather.  We’ve been almost two years without a major storm in our area of Minnesota and now we get it all at once.

Monday we got a bit of rain, it was looking like our usual tenth of and inch and done storm.

Tuesday things started to ramp up with nearly an inch of rain, still not very interesting since it was only rain with a bit of thunder.

Wednesday things turned serious.  Icy rain had fallen throughout the night.  Area schools were called off because the road crews were having trouble keeping the ice and snow off of the road.  Traffic was nearly at a standstill.  Almost an inch of ice on trees was bringing down branches and power lines.  Some areas have lost power but we were still in business.  The days rainfall total was again nearly an inch.100_2011

Thursday dawned with nine inches of soft, fluffy snow on the ground.  Most area schools were off for the day.  It continued to snow for most of the day, but the temperatures stayed just above freezing so we also had quite a bit of melting going on.  Tree branches that had held out for the ice were now breaking with the added weight of snow.  Our area lost power about 11 a.m.  Standby generators for the hog barns went into action.

We went into town to see if someone would feed us.  All stores were dark and many were closed.  Subway was feeding people until they ran out of bread.  Runnings had employees with flash lights helping you find the things you needed.  Hy-Vee was in full operation since they had enough backup power to run the registers and some lights.  Food in need of being kept cold was being moved to refrigerated trucks.  Power came back on for us about 3:30 p.m. but many are still in the dark.100_2012Today is friday and this April Fools joke still continues.  School is finally in session, but area roads are not in good condition.  We still have snow falling.  Because the ground had started to thaw we have mud under our snow, if you break through the crust there is no traction, so it is easy to get your vehicle stuck.  Much of the ice is now off of the trees, but the damage will take a long time to clean up.  When the snow and rain have all been added up we are nearly a 3 inches of precipitation.  If we can get it to stay this will start to get us on the way to a good crop.

Tomorrow the sun is supposed to come out and I would like to get started on branch pickup.  By Sunday we are expecting more rain and temperatures are supposed to get more normal.  That just might melt this latest snow fall.  Spring may be here, but first we need to get rid of some snow.

It’s been wild, but we continue on.



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Post this on blog sites of climate change deniers. This is the same freaky weather that hit Toronto except yours is even worse than what we experienced.

Comment by lenrosen4

We were just caught in a small area that got it all. Others didn’t fare so bad, and others got it worse. There is still a large area southwest of here that is out of electricity and they have been for several days.

Comment by Michael

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