Minnesota Farmer

The winter that will not end

My wood pile has really taken a hit this winter as springtime temperatures seem to be on hold.  When you wake every day to frozen ground it is hard to  understand that we are nearing the end of April here in Southwestern Minnesota and could be planting corn, wheat or oats.  There is none of that planted because it seems to be snowing every week.  100_2006

A month ago I posted this picture of geese on a pond and it seemed as if we would be seeing open water and no snow in just days as temperatures were allowing the snow to melt away every day.  The water lilies were putting forth some hopeful leaves and the marsh marigolds were turning green, sure signs of spring!100_2012

Now every week seems to bring a new snow storm and winter holds our area of Minnesota in it’s grasp.  Ice storms have left behind broken trees and electric poles and every storm contains snow.100_2024

But what’s this?  A forecast with 70’s in it?  Could it be we only have one more night of freezing weather and then summer like temperatures will arrive?  Hurray!

Yes, winter does end here in Minnesota, eventually.  With warmer temperatures, a farmers heart will turn toward planting and tillage.  We only have to wait a bit for the fields to dry and then we can begin.  The calendar is not quite to the dates where we are concerned about planting being too late, so we will hold out hope for only a few more days of delay.  Warmer weather is in sight!



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