Minnesota Farmer

Aftermath of the ice

What to do when the ice gives you broken trees?100_2011

Make firewood!100_2025

My wood pile had gotten kind of small with all of the cold weather we had this year so a strong wood cutting season is in order.  To do this you need tools.  Chain saws, wood splitting equipment and some way to get the wood from point A to point B.100_2026

I have three chain saws.  This Stihl professional duty is my biggest, I also have a smaller one for cutting smaller limbs and a pole saw to reach up and get some of those branches that broke off but have not yet let go of the tree.  Then I have the Bobcat 3400 to either carry or drag branches to where they need to go.

I really have only gotten a start on the job of clearing broken branches, the weather has not been very good for outdoor work.  So I work on the ones that are in the way now and go back to the others later.100_2027

When the log is too big, I need a variety of splitting malls, hammers and wedges to break those logs down.  Yes, I do have a motor powered hydraulic wood splitter, but that means I have to have a large pile of big logs to split.  If there are only a few, I start swinging.  It’s good exercise.

Since my main source of heat is fallen branches and dead trees, I always have a bit of work to do each year.  The wood needs to dry in the pile at least six months before I use it, so what I am cutting now is for later in the winter.  It sure is better than just piling them and burning them for no purpose.



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