Minnesota Farmer

After the drought

For most of last years growing season we talked drought, now this year we are talking rain.  It has indeed been a challenging spring.100_2028

First it was the winter that would not leave.  Snow into early May is just not good for spring planting.  Ice storms have meant that I have spent more time cutting wood and cleaning up broken trees this spring than I have planting.  I think we had a total of 5 days so far that were fit to plant corn.  Happily we used those days well and most farmers in our area got their corn in the ground.  Local estimates are that over 80% of the corn got planted in the few good planting days we had here in southwestern Minnesota.100_0588

Now when you look down the rows of our corn fields we are starting to see little spears of green.  We have the start of a good corn crop.

For the last several days it has been rainy and cold.  I’ve been out cleaning up ice damaged trees that fell into the fields I want to plant soybeans in. Still the wet ground means that I cannot get going on soybean planting, and I awake to more rain this morning.

We have taken advantage of some of this down time to haul some of last years corn crop in to the ethanol plant.  The prices were set months ago in some cases, or just last week in the case of one contract.  Happily the corn price is still way above the average, although it is lower than a few months ago.  I still marvel at the thought that I was able to sell so much of last years crop at over $7 per bushel.  It is a price that will not last.

The weather forecast says we will get one sunny day tomorrow, and a rain free but cloudy day friday.  There is hope for a little bit of soybean planting before the rains come back.  I’d best get everything ready for another push.



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