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Watching the rain

I’ve spent a lot of time this year watching the rain.  It is all the better today since I finally got my fields planted.  In my area of southwestern Minnesota corn and soybeans are the main crops.

We did get the corn planted some time ago.  The timing was a little later than we would like, but corn was planted early enough that we can hope for a good yield.  The fields all got planted in one hectic 4 day period that included 100 degree heat the last day.  Then it rained for days on end.

Fields dried enough so we could plant one field of soybeans.  We started working the next field to be planted and then it rained for several days.

The last two days of planting were just like the last planting session, long and hectic.  The forecast is for rain, so you know there is an end date.  The fields are mostly ready, but have a few wet spots in them, so planting is not all perfect.  It’s a choice of waiting long enough to get into the fields, but not too long so that you cannot get the job done.

So now we need some heat and sunshine.  Spring so far has been a bit cold.  The corn is all up and has a good start.  We’ll be watching for weed growth and planning the last application of nitrogen.

We have planting season machinery to put away, and summer season machines to get ready.  We have some corn left in the bins to haul into town once the clutch gets fixed on the grain truck.  There will be plenty to do on the farm.

I know I am lucky.  There are those not that far away that have had so much rain that getting anything planted has been a challenge.  Huge late snow falls were followed by large rain storms.  Some of them have not even started to plant.   I’ve heard that it is raining for some of them again.

After last years drought, it is amazing to see this much rain.  The day could come when we are glad we had so much spring rain.  2012 was a year with a wet May before the rains stopped and the heat dried us out.  2011 also had a wet start that changed into a dry summer when the rains stopped in late June.  What will 2013 bring?



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The weather you are getting in Southwestern Minnesota is very much consistent with the extreme swings we have experienced here in Southern Ontario. We had snow late in May and a heat wave the following week. When we get rain it is torrential. We had funnel clouds here in the Greater Toronto Area just a few days ago but today is just below 20 Celsius and gloriously sunny.

Hope the weather evens out for you during the rest of the summer. They are predicting a slightly cooler one here.

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