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On turning 60, June 12, 2013

I grew up a child of the 60’s, an era when young, politically active, people were proclaiming that you should ” never trust anyone over 30,” and now I am twice that age.  It has been a long interesting ride.

Supposedly when you get old you are full of wisdom and are entitled to being listened to with respect, but I do not as yet see myself as being an elder.   For me there is so much yet to learn, so much yet to do.

I never really felt I fit into the mold the world thought I should fit into.  As the eldest of three children living in rural Minnesota I had few friends.  I interacted more easily with the older folks in my family and community than my peers.  I was conservative when the talked about people in the world where liberals.  My people skills were poor and I was afraid of conflict and of doing something that would embarrass my family.

I was, and still am, bookish, preferring to read rather than interact.  Because of a tendency to motion sickness however, traveling and reading do not mix, so I watch the world around me when I travel, or I sleep.  I can sit for hours in a public place and just people watch.  No matter where I am there is always something interesting to watch.

My job is mostly solitary.  Long hours in the field allow contemplation.  I have learned to observe the little things that occur around me, hawks diving at mice, clouds, growing plants.  I will solve work related math problems in my head as I work and contemplate moral and political issues as I travel up and down the rows of cropland.

I am lucky to have found a best friend that I married.  Although not always on the same page, we mesh in so many of our beliefs and interests.  We have raised three children who still think we are relevant.

I have been a joiner and a doer.  The list of organizations that I have held jobs in is long.  This activity has given me the most satisfaction, since I have had to get out of my shell and deal with people.  I have learned so much about the world and my country in my travels for these organizations.

So turning 60 has not been so bad.  I’ve had a good life so far, and am looking forward to some good years yet to come.


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60 is quite a milestone in life. I’m now 64 and share with you a similar approach to life and learning. In a little more than 6 months I will start receiving my old age security. I don’t feel old except for an arthritic left knee. And in terms of my mental acuity, am convinced that I am as sharp a tack as I have ever been…just once in awhile cannot remember the name of an actor or actress, or a favorite movie. I continue to be a voracious reader…not buying physical books anymore because I have no room to put them anywhere. Now I am borrowing from the library or downloading e-books to read. Keep writing. I believe formulating thoughts on paper whether physical or virtual is the best way to keep the mind young and plastic. I certainly enjoy what you write and appreciate your insights on both life and farming.

Comment by lenrosen4

Happy birthday!

Comment by Janice Person aka JPlovesCOTTON

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