Minnesota Farmer

Staying flexible

I’ve noticed as I age that my body is just not able to bend and flex the way it once did.  The old bones creak and muscles complain, but so far I think my mind is still flexible.images

A flexible mind may be more important than any other attribute in life.  I’ve noticed that the only thing sure in this world is change.  I’m not one of those who look back and yearn for the “good old days,” because I have seen so much of today and tomorrow to embrace.

I’ve heard it said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect different results, and I’ve come to firmly believe it.  I have watched way too many people keep trying the same thing over and over and wonder why it doesn’t work.  Many of the organizations I belong to are complaining of declining membership.  When you dig in, you find them doing the same things that did not work the last time.  It seems to me it time to try something new.

I grew up interacting with older people, but today I like to be around young people.  They help to keep me young.  The most encouraging young folks to be with are the bright up and comers in technology fields.  Agriculture also has its tech wizards, and the things they are doing are really going to change the way we farm in the future.

Having a positive attitude in life also can help you stay flexible.  If you see only the bad in change you will forever be suspicious of change.  Instead look to see the positives, and perhaps even look for ways that change will ease the more unpleasant parts of our existence.

So flex on.  Talk to the bright young people in your life about what they see in the future.  Read about the new and the exciting innovations that are coming in our world.  Trust that we will overcome our problems.  Wrap your mind around some new ideas of a brighter future.


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