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A garden harvesting day
July 8, 2013, 4:38 pm
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I didn’t do much farm work today.  Yes, I did get out into the field to check and see if the weeds died that I sprayed last week.  There were a few rocks I remembered seeing while spraying the soybean field that I did get picked up.  Most of the day was spent on the garden.

We are in such a yummy time of year.  We have been eating mixed greens for most meals for some time now.  We’ve had enough to send off with the kids when they visit us, or we visit them.  There was a stray stem of asparagus and the first black raspberries of the year.  There were weeds to pull and peas to pick, lots of peas to pick.

The rains have been absent for two weeks now so the garden was looking a bit dry.  I watered the tomatoes and peppers so they would stay healthy.

I did one other thing, I picked a whole boat load of mulberries.100_2196

Actually picking them was easy.  I placed a tarp under the tree and shook the branch, moved to another branch and shake again.  Then you sort out the unwanted stuff and you have bowls full of berries.  Now, what to do with them all?  I only do this once a year, there are just too many to eat, so the birds and raccoons will get their share.

It’s going to take a few washings to get all of the juice off of my hands, but the result is worth it.



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