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The last Norwegian Bachelor

The last surviving Norwegian bachelor uncle in my family tree died a few weeks ago and the time is coming to sell off his estate.  Vernon came from a family that included two girls and two boys that never married.  They all spent some time away from home, the boys went off to war and came home to the farm.  One of the girls spent time as a book keeper and the other as a musician.  For those four the call of home kept them unmarried.  Yes, they had brothers and sisters that married and left home, but the call of Eureka farm is in the blood of all of the descendants.

It was the father of this family that inspired my blog name.   (https://minnesotafarm.wordpress.com/2009/10/30/why-minnesota-farmer/)  He also was a writer as well as a farmer.

Now plans have started for the emptying of house, barn, chicken house, shop and machine shed.  An estate auction has been scheduled.  The auction will include things that the Iverson’s just could not bear to part with from two generations.

The family items for sale include some real rarities.  Not only are there the usual dishes and knick knacks, but some unique hand made items that the boys put together in their shop.  The cream of the rarities has to be the old car and tractor.

The tractor is a 1908 IHC Model #15 tractor on steel w/ gas 15 hp. single cylinder engine,  friction drive, make & brake ignition, open tower cooling, canopy, Serial #1402.396_143436_2_IMG20130726131050

The car is a 1907 IHC High Wheeler Auto Buggy w/  Phare Model 24A brass head lamp, brass horn, 2 seats & gas engine.396_143436_3_IMG20130726131356

Both were lovingly restored by the brothers and have been seen in area parades.  It will interesting to see how these items sell.  Neither item is unique, but neither one is common either.

Yes, I will be at the sale, but I’m not sure how much money I want to spend on memories.  We shall see how things turn out.



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