Minnesota Farmer

It’s Fair time again

Our county fair for many years has been a part of our family life.  Although I have never been involved as a 4-H or FFA member, we have been involved as workers.  My dad was on the fair board for many years, and I worked as grounds crew when I was in high school and college.  My mom has been involved in entry day for many years and served as the hand work department chair, my girls and wife used to help in those days also.  So when the fair starts, if we are around, we are there.

Today is entry day for open class exhibits.  I spent part of yesterday getting garden produce ready.100_2304It all started when I found this really large pumpkin in my garden.  Now it’s not in the true giant range, but it’s the biggest I have raised for a while.  So, while I was at it I picked a spaghetti squash and dug some carrots.  My pepper plants yielded the three nice sized fruits for that entry, and my rhubarb plants were raided for their contribution.

This morning I made a trip to the soybean field to get some samples for that display.100_2305There are divisions for early, medium and late soybeans, so I selected samples for all three areas.  It was a bit of a wet morning, but I did not get too wet choosing my entries.

First item of business is to get your parking pass.100_2309That pass is required to drive onto the grounds and is only $5 .  Since I already made 5 trips onto the grounds today, I think it was worth it.

So, How did I do?

100_2307Well, let’s just say that there were 4 blues and a red in my 8 entries, not bad.  Now the fact that two of those entries had no competition did have a bearing on the number of blues, but at least those classes had some representation.  It is nice to have something for fair goers to look at.  Maybe they will bring in some competition for me next year.

There were several really nice entries, but the surprise was my mom’s entry.100_2308On a whim she picked some dill from her garden, where it is a weed, and ended up with a sweepstakes purple.  The judge said it was perfect.

Now not all of the trips this morning were for entries.  Our county Farm Bureau has a booth at the fair and I helped set and decorate that today also.100_2310I’ll be working there tomorrow and Friday for a few hours.  I hope to see you at the fair.



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