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Deciphering two year old
August 21, 2013, 11:52 am
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We’ve had our two year old twin granddaughters visiting us for a few days, and it has been a fun, frustrating and tiring experience, and I get to leave once in a while, my wife doesn’t get much relief.  They leave a path of toys behind them wherever they go.

We know our little ones are the smartest granddaughters there ever were.  We are not biased, are we?100_2327

One of my favorite pastimes when they are here is trying to decipher two year old.  Some have been easy, No is still no, and Nononononono is a more definite no.  Allison is called “Aaee” and Katelyn is “Kiki”, not hard to figure out.  They call me”Gampa”.

They do have some words that are a bit harder to figure out, “ai-ai–ai-ai” is kitty and “hiea” is swing.  Since there are two of them they are quite possessive, “Ina” is mine and is used with great frequency.  Thus their cup or water bottle becomes “ina botta”, a bib is “ina bip” and a milk glass is “ina mook”.  They will come to you to announce “ina boopy” for a dirty diaper.  Once the diaper is changed they will announce “betta”, or even “mooch betta”.

Their Aunti Em started teaching them sign language and the words have come along as soon as they can figure them out.  Please and thank  you were part of the signs they learned, and although they may need prompting for “peese”,  “dank oo” comes quite naturally to them.  More was one of the first signs they mastered, and the word “more” is one of their most used words.

They will try any thing you say.  They definitely are in the parrot stage.  When they are awake they are constantly talking, unless they have their bunny and thumb to console the tears or help them sleep.  Right now they have their bunnies in hand and are headed off to “nap dime”.

Tell me what this is?  Kiki just wanted the “dinger bubit”.  She was very insistent, and did not stop until she got the finger puppet she wanted.  It sure is fun trying to decipher two year old!



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