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Cicada days
August 27, 2013, 6:02 pm
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The heat that we missed out on earlier this summer is now upon us.  Day time temps have exceeded 90 and nights rarely are getting into the 70’s.  It is hot and humid.  Area schools are letting out early so that kids do not have to sit in un-airconditoned classrooms, and construction crews are starting at first light and shutting down early.  These are called the dog days of summer, and if these are the dog days, the cicadas are singing.220px-Tibicen_linneiThis noisy insect is making its presence known.

The cooler temperatures of the past few weeks had set back the maturity of our corn and soybeans so that I was beginning to wonder if we would have mature crops when the frost came.  Frost can come as early as mid-September here, but is more likely in October.  These hot days are helping make up for lost degree days.  That being said, we still need some heat and moisture to get the best crop possible, but we are looking good.

We were lucky to get a bit over three inches of rainfall starting with the last week of July.  Now we have been two weeks with little or no rain and we would take it, but don’t have to have it.  There is still a lot more subsoil water than we had last year at this time.

In my travels today I saw a soybean field that was starting to turn yellow.  This was a true maturing yellow, not a drying out and dying yellow.  I’d say that field was about 3 weeks from harvest.  Our fields are not even showing a trace of yellow, so they will not be ready for a while yet.  It does not look like harvest will start for us until October this year.

I’m trying to get as much of my outside work done in the morning and leaving the indoor chores for later in the day.  You do not really notice how hot it is until you go inside that way.  Still, working in the sun is not an easy thing to do.  Shade and water are required as often as possible.  Here’s hoping you are finding your bits of shade and water.



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