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Mind your ps and qs
September 1, 2013, 4:21 pm
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I have frequently received comments on the content of my blog, and even had one fellow blogger comment that it was one of the best she read.  I replied “Blush, Thank you.”  While I do not really want to “toot my own horn,” I do want to comment on some of the BAD writing I find on the internet.

I admit to being a poor person to preach english grammar, and my 7th grade english teacher, who gave me my only “F”, would agree.  It was not until I started writing for a newsletter when I was in my 30’s that I really learned to put words together properly.  It’s time some of you out there started paying attention to how you write.  It’s time you started to mind your p’s and q’s.

So what is this ps and qs business?  A possible “origin of “mind your Ps and Qs” comes from early printing presses. Printers placed individual letters on a frame to print a page of text. The letters were reversed, making it easy to mistake lowercase ps and qs ( and bs and ds) in setting the type and were fined for every spelling mistake, hence the personal financial importance of accuracy. A reminder to stay watchful of the details could have come from this time as well.[2] In a similar setting, this expression has been attributed as an adage for teaching children to spell.[1]”  (Stolen from Wikipedia.)

Poorly written content is just not convincing.  I know you really believe the words you are saying, but if they are in poor english, they are a real turn off.  How are we to believe you, if you sound like you are ignorant?  So please stay watchful of the details of what you are writing.  If you believe enough to write it, please write it right.


p.s.  I know I still have not reached grammatical perfection.  I admit to being a work in progress.


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