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This morning this came across my screen from meatingplace.com..

Environmental and animal activists groups have sued the Environmental Protection Agency over the 2012 decision to withdraw a proposed rule that would have made certain information public about their operations.

The Humane Society of the United States, Environmental Integrity project, Food & Water Watch, Center for Food Safety and Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement filed the suit Aug 28 in federal court.

At issue is disclosure of contact information, farm location permitting status, number and type of animals and number of acres.

Food animal producer groups such as the National Pork Producers Council have long argued the information should not be made public because of concerns about the privacy and biosecurity of family farms.

The groups filing suit argue injury to their organizations.

“Plaintiff’s organizational purposes are adversely affected by EPA’s action, which prevents Plaintiffs from obtaining access to information about CAFOs that they would use to more effectively advocate for public health, water quality, the welfare of rural communities and the health and welfare of animals,” according to the lawsuit.

So I’m asking,  exactly what way are these groups being harmed?  I can tell you that in farm circles these groups are not really considered trustworthy.  They have a long list of advocating for things that they say will “protect the consumer” and “protect the family farm” that in fact do just the opposite.  Adding more rules and regulations, which is what they seem to be best at, only cost the consumer more money and end up pushing the small farmer out of business.
The EPA made a big mistake when they originally released some of the data they collect to so called watchdog groups and they now know it.  We have yet to see what that information release will cost the public, and it will cost them, this lawsuit should be tossed out.  These groups seem to have more money to keep lawyers employed than anything else anyway.100_1883
Oh yes, in interest of full disclosure, release of this information could effect me.  I’m depending on the pigs that go through this barn to provide me with some retirement income.  Past actions against livestock producers have made food production more expensive.  Livestock production is already hard enough.

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