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How long?
September 4, 2013, 9:34 pm
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So I have a question for you, How long has your family been in the U.S.?

Right now there is a strong push in the U.S. for immigration reform.  On the side of this issue I hear people say things like “They need to learn English.”  There are those who want to deny the “American Dream” to those who were born in another country.  They seem to think that those who are not of their ethnic background should be denied entry into this great country that was built on immigrants.  So again I ask, How long has your family been in the U.S.?images

I’m 4th generation here in Minnesota.  My ancestors came from northern Europe to America in the 1800’s.  They did not speak english when they came to these shores, and some of them never learned much if any english.  Perhaps it was the same for your ancestors.  Since our first ancestors did not learn english should we deny those coming today the same path?

Because a person is of different ethnic background should they be denied?  I see their children in school hungry for knowledge.  They have the drive to be better that is all too often lost in some of our children.  They are willing to work jobs that our children turn up their noses at.  They know the dream and are willing to do everything they can to get it.images

So here it is, the American Dream is not for those who already have.  The dream is for those who want, and are willing to work for, more.  More, so that their families will not go hungry.  More, so that their children can be safe.  More, so that some day their children can be a leader in this great country.  To deny immigrants the chance, is to deny our heritage.images

These modern day immigrants know the path is hard.  They see what we have done to the Irish, the African, the Chinese and all of the others who came before them.  All of these have received acceptance after much peril.  They will take what is good in our society, blend it with some of theirs, and make a better place for all.

I do not say “Make it easy.”  I do say that those from other lands have made our country great, and will continue to do so.  If our children are not willing to join them in the hard work of creating a better future, they will be swept aside, and I say good riddance.  We have had it too easy here in the U.S. for too long.  If you are not willing to join the struggle, to sacrifice a little, to dare much, you are not made of the stuff we need.  The U.S. can embrace safety and mediocrity, or it can take on the mantle of struggle and reinvent itself better than ever before.  The dream is out there, but no one said that getting there was  easy.


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Michael, thanks for speaking up. I have had this same conversation with so many people! I have dear friends & family members who have immigrated here for opportunities, education, etc. I don’t know a one who is “working the system.” And the negativity others espouse really can make me wonder whether they are actually looking at things or simply assuming they know what’s up!

Comment by Janice Person aka JPlovesCOTTON

Thank you for this. I walked out of a party at a neighbors house tonight after disagreeing with them about closing borders. I wish I had had your words. Not that they would have listened…

Comment by SiverBlack

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