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I really get a kick out of that sound “eeaouu” when I hear it coming from the back of the bus.  Usually it’s some teenage girl commenting on a smell that comes through the bus windows.  The blend of disgust and horror shows just how spoiled we have become in this world.  We turn up our noses at things that we consider to be bad.  All to often those smells, sights or experiences are part of life that we moderns folk no longer have to experience.

Last week I drove the bus for a group of kids that went to the Jeffers Petroglyphs site.  The historian was explaining to the kids about how the entire bison carcass was used by prairie residents hundreds of years ago.  Holding up what looked like some bowl-shaped wax paper with a string edge he talked of the possible uses for a bison bladder.  Eeaouu!  To me this was nothing new.  In a society that has to make do, everything has a purpose.

My youngest has been doing chicken chores for some neighbors out in Colorado Springs.  She has really enjoyed the fresh eggs and the chance to raid the garden.  Her neighbor told the story of taking some chicken soup to work one day.  Everyone was proclaiming how delicious it smelled, until she explained that it was made from her own chickens.  Eeaouu!  You are eating your pet!  No, not a pet, an animal that was raised to provide food for people.

As we move further from the land we have lost sight of the real purpose of the things around us.  This world, no matter how much we would like it to be, is not a peaceful, kind world.  Once you get away from the perfumed and sanitized castles of the well to do, life is cruel, smelly and hard.  Those of us who deal with the food and garbage of this modern society still recognize that fact.

Did I say food and garbage?  Did I put both into the same category?  Yep, the stuff that goes into our bodies and comes out of our bodies is smelly stuff.  We start life all yucky and end it the same way.  Much of the path the food we eat takes is not very nice.  Life is messy!

The preservation and living of life can also be hard.  I have seen the wounds inflicted upon animals by those of their own species when they are competing for food or sex.  I know that for the fittest to survive, others will die.  For there to be life, there must be death.

For those of you out there still turning up your noses at the realities of life, get over it.  Life is, and always will be, messy.


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Interesting read, and very true! I find a lot of my friends and family are horrified and can’t understand the life I lead. The more covered in dirt and poo you are at the end of the day, the harder you worked! I wear the stains on my work clothes like badges 😉

Comment by Jillaroo Jess

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