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What would Tabby eat?
September 8, 2013, 11:40 pm
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I really do get a kick out of commercials.  After all, they are trying to sell you something, and if they cannot make you believe you want it, then you should do it to be a better person.  Pet food commercials really are funny for me.  They try to tell you that if you are not feeding your pet the best, then you are a failure.

So, if you feed your cat a food that is mainly “meat by-products” you are not giving your pet the best.  Here’s a question for you, what would your cat eat if it did not have you there to give it a fancy feast?images

Farm cats grow up a bit closer to the wild side than house cats do.  Yes, their life is a bit harder, and yes, they may not live as long, but they eat well.  Cat’s lucky enough to live on a dairy farm may even get whole milk.  Those on grain farms have work to do.  They have mice to catch.  A declawed cat on the farm is worth nothing.images

So what will cats eat when they are not given the scientifically balanced nutrition we purchase for them at the store?  Lot’s of things.  Table scraps that are high in fat, sweet corn, cheese, even some cooked vegetables are consumed by farm cats after the family is done.  Mice, rats, gophers and birds too are prime targets.  They really do not care if it is fancy, they eat it nose to tail, skin, bone and intestines.  Mostly on the farm they get the sparrows and rodents that hang around spilled grain.  Beak to feathers or nose to tail, they eat them and leave no trace behind.  If mom should happen to catch a rabbit for her kittens, there is sure to be a growling competition to see who is going to be first to stuff their stomach.images

Cats are hard wired to catch things.  If it moves, they want to get their claws into it.  Our kittens are right now honing their hunting skills on moths, butterflies and grasshoppers.  Oh yes, they eat them too,  The older cats have been cutting down on the frog population.  We had one cat that loved squirrel, now there is a fast meal.  Small snakes need to be careful too if they run into a cat with a taste for snake.

I had one of my pond goldfish die one winter.  When I had pried it out of the ice, the cats grabbed it.  When they were done they had eaten it scales and all, nothing was left.  That was almost two pounds of fish.

Cats do turn their noses up if the meal is too ripe.  They do not mind eating meat that has been outside for a day or two, but they do draw the line at rotten meat.  Dogs however seem to love smelly stuff.

Your tabby cat is really eating well no matter what you feed him.  Store bought cat food has been nutritionally blended to give her all she needs.  So do not shy from cat food that may be mostly grain or meat by-products.  At least your little lion did not have to catch their own dinner.images

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