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September 12, 2013, 11:19 pm
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Just because everyone knows it’s true does’t mean it is.  Wow, that’s a mouthful.

I really find it disturbing that there are so many things in this world that everyone “knows” to be “true” that are not true.  Our own self interest is to blame.  We cannot believe that that the things we read in the press or hear on the news are not facts.  We want to believe that the impossible is possible.  UFO’s and Sasquatch come to mind a prime examples.

Modern day “reality” shows and media “Doctors” are to blame only for fanning the fires, we are guilty for believing them.  They are the modern day equivalent of “Snake Oil” salesmen.  They are selling us “Miracle”  cures that have no hope of performing at all.  TV shows and tabloids have learned that we want to be entertained, and the fact that so many believe the lies and half truths is what disturbs me.  Some will believe any “Startling” fact that is thrown at them.

The bigger the name, the bigger the lie that people will believe from them.  Where are the days of Walter Cronkite when we had news men that really told the truth in the news.  Now to hold an audience you have to keep telling bigger whoppers.

Even such names a Oprah and Dr. Oz have stooped to selling snake oil break through’s that have no basis in fact.  Of politicians, we do not even need to guess.  They will tell their audience anything they need to to get re-elected.  Faulty, spun or massaged data are commonplace.  The higher up you get in politics the harder it is to believe them.  You want to sell something?  Just use the data you want to and ignore the rest.

All of this is happening at a time when real science is being down played.  Scientific fact is now trumpeted after the first theory.  Facts need to be studied and proven.  Irrefutable truth is not “sexy” in fact, it is often boring.  By the time the scientific community has proven something beyond a doubt, we have moved onto a new misconception.

So before you jump off the cliff of believing something that everyone just “knows” to be true, stop and do a reality check.  Talk to people in the industry, not the commentators or pundits, but the science and technology people who are on the ground doing the work.  Remember, the truth may be boring.


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Hi Michael, If only people were smart enough to differentiate fact from fiction, truth from deceit, and reality from reality shows.

Apply what you have stated to some basic controversies of the day. In agriculture the two most glaring are GMO technology, and climate change, the scientific evidence versus the FUD “evidence.”


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