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Rain delay
October 2, 2013, 8:42 pm
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I’m into my third day of soybean harvest here in southwestern Minnesota.  The forecast is for rain so things have been a little crazy here.  Meals are strictly grab and run.  The nights have been short and the days have been long.  The beans are dry and are rolling out nice and easy.  Then BOOM  it starts to rain.

There was a mad dash of activity when it started to rain.  The truck without a tarp was almost full and that had to make a quick trip to the shed.  It was a two mile trip in the rain to get it under cover.  All of the machines were moved out of the field.  The combine is backed into the shed since the bean head is too wide to go into the door.  I also had to open the grain tank trap door on the combine to let the water out.  Wet soybeans are a real mess.

So far I have not been impressed with our soybean yields.  This third field is looking better than the rest, but I’ll have to see when I get done with it.  It’s so hard to believe the yield monitor.  I’ve seen some big numbers up there, but the small numbers seem to be out numbering the big ones.  When I get it in the bin, then I can be sure.

We’ve had a little hail mixed with the rain, but as long as it stays just a little we should not lose too much yield.  The rainfall amounts are much more than forecast, and there are 3 days of rain in the forecast.  I’m not sure how long we’ll have to wait for things to dry, but it looks like it could be monday before we get back into the field.  By then my last field should be almost ready for harvest.

My guess is we are just over half done with the soybeans.  That means if the weather cooperates we could be done next week sometime.