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It’s all in the name
October 3, 2013, 1:57 pm
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So tell me does the name make a difference.  Yes it really does.

According to a new CNBC poll that surveyed two different groups, 46% of the group that was asked about “Obamacare” were opposed to the law, while 37% of the group asked about the “Affordable Care Act” were opposed to the law.

At the same time, more people support “Obamacare” (29%) than those who support ACA (22%.) In other words, having “Obama” in the name “raises the positives and the negatives,” as CNBC put it.

It’s also important to note that 30% didn’t know what the ACA was, compared to 12% who weren’t familiar with Obamacare, according to the poll.

So does the general public really understand what they are talking about?  Obviously not.  What we have here is another case of people making a decision about something before they know the whole story.  It’s unfortunate but true that in our complex world you cannot know everything about everything.  So how are you deciding that something is good or bad if you do not know all of the facts?

It comes down to the spin.  Who tells you the story first?  If Oprah or Dr. Oz tell you something is bad, it must be bad.  If a book about aliens in America becomes a best seller, it must be true.  We live in a world where news makers are influencing our understanding of the world which, in most cases they do not understand.  Our tabloid press system has become mainstream.

Today the most “Shocking” statements make the news, and way too many people believe what is written or said because, if it is a quote from a celebrity it must be true, even if that celebrity has no first hand knowledge of the product, person or event.

I try to be well informed.  Also, I’m by nature a skeptic, it is not in my nature to believe everything that I am told.  So when the headlines blare out a story, I do not always believe.  I’m especially unlikely to believe when it is a political or entertainment figure that is talking.  Oh, and the internet?  Just as unlikely to be true.

So who should you believe?  You need to find some experts to follow.  Get your news from well respected sources.  Go to the farmer rather than the pundit for farm issues, the nutritionist rather than the actress for food facts.  Seek out science sources rather than newspapers for scientific information.  Most of all, do not believe politicians.  Those who have an agenda will always steer you wrong.