Minnesota Farmer

10/13/13 Harvest report

Harvest is advancing quickly here in Southwestern Minnesota despite a few rain showers last week and more predicted for tomorrow.

Soybeans are coming out fast with some farmers finished and others just starting.  We have only 40 acres left of our 288 soybean acres. Those soybeans were too wet when we got to that part of our last field.  That puts us at about 85% done with soybean harvest, a little ahead of our neighbors.

The severe drought conditions that crept into our area this summer reduced yield a bit in some fields and not at all in others.  I’d put this years average soybean yield just below the long term trend.

This morning’s low was 32 degrees.  I didn’t see much for frost, but it is possible that any green soybeans are now dead.images

We turned our focus to the corn harvest and were pleased to have the 98 and 100 day corn coming out of the field at under 20% moisture.  We have started to put those varieties into the bin without drying.  With the late planting dates I expected all of our corn to be wet.  We have about one third of our 404 corn acres harvested and are running out of earlier corn varieties.  Anytime we get into corn over 100 day maturity the moisture skyrockets.  The forecast is for 3 days of rain so there is hope that some of this corn will dry down more before we get to it.

Corn yields are also showing the effect of the dry summer and late planting.  I am not seeing any yields that get close to our long term trend for corn yields.  The corn yields are still much better than last years extreme drought shortened crop.

I’d guess that about on tenth to one quarter of area corn is now harvested.  That will change quickly if the rains do not come.

Stay tuned for more updates on the harvest.