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30 day challenge
October 30, 2013, 8:50 am
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The gauntlet has been thrown down and I have accepted.  The plan is for agriculture bloggers to write a post every day for 30 days.  Hmmm…. what should the theme be.

We’ve had a very busy fall and those not involved in farming may be wondering just what does a farmer do when harvest is done.  So, here it is, I’ll be letting you know some of the things that we do after the harvest.  I can tell you now that some days will be boring, but hopefully it will give you an insight into what happens on the farm after the harvest.  For some of those days I’ll be reaching back to what we have already done, we did finish our harvest days ago.  Still others may have a theme that is centered on a conversation that sparked debate.  All in all I hope you enjoy the month.

I’m definitely going to be a different voice in this challenge, since most of the others taking part are younger than my 60 years and female.  That does not mean I have nothing to say.  Come on, those of you who know me know I am seldom at a loss for words.  Still it is going to be a challenge.  Expect to see the following as themes.

30 days: Cleaning up and putting away

30 days: Turning poop into fertilizer

30 days: Trimming up

30 days: Planning for planting

30 days: Getting ready for harvest

30 days: How much wood

30 days: At church again

30 days: Farm Bureau days

Hmmm…  Maybe I can find 30 subjects to write about.  Stay tuned!

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