Minnesota Farmer

30 days: Promoting our products after the harvest

100_2506Farmers not only produce crops and livestock, they help promote them as well.

I was recently able to take part in the dedication of the first “Blender” diesel pump in the state of Minnesota which was installed in Heron Lake.  The Heron Lake Cenex is just down the road from Brewster where area soybeans are processed into soybean meal and oil.  Some of that oil is further processed to produce biodiesel.

basic_logoFor many years now farmers have worked to find new uses for the products they produce.  Although industry may develop some of the new uses you find, in agriculture it is likely that farmers, banding together in co-ops (a cooperative enterprise) are behind the most innovative ones.  The modern day use of ethanol fuel is largely because of the promotion and backing of farmers.  Here in Minnesota most ethanol production plants are at least partly, if not wholly, owned by farmers and their families.100_2503

Blender pumps are not new.  They have been around our area for years now selling various grades of ethanol blends to be used in E85 vehicles.  What is new is the ability to buy higher blends of biodiesel.  I expect that the higher blends of biodiesel will not be popular now that colder weather has set in, but come summer, area farmers will be flocking to the Heron Lake Cenex to put more of their product into truck and tractor tanks.

If you have questions about products produced from our crops you can ask a farmer.  We know where your food and fuel start and are happy to be producing both for you and your families.

So there you have it, day 12 of the 30 day challenge.  Look for me out there promoting what I grow.



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