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30days: Planning for planting after the harvest
November 14, 2013, 12:01 pm
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You would think that with the crop in the bin farmers would be taking it easy, you would be wrong.  The period after the harvest may be the busiest time of year since so many things must be done.  So on day 14 of the 30 day challenge let’s talk about planting.

Planting season is preceded by preparing season and that can last all year round.100_1188Before the seed is even in the ground farmers have been studying the crop from last year, and the several years before that to decide what to plant.  There is a lot of study that goes into buying seed and part of that study is done as we look at the last years yields.100_2489There is more to crop yield than how much we get into the tank,  all year long we will be watching to see how the crop handles the weather.  A corn stalk that will not stand and take all that nature delivers is not fit to be planted again next year.  When we harvest we watch to see how the crop handles, how easy it is to harvest and how much work the combine must do to harvest the crop.100_0865There are so many things that we look for before we buy seed for next years crop, and the final decision is usually made just after harvest.images

Now it’s time to go see your seed dealer, see what varieties are available, look at what worked well in the past and pick a variety or two for each field.  There will also be new varieties to look at and determine if they will be better for you than what you are now planting.  Next years harvest is hanging on what is decided after the machinery is put away for the year.  With one years harvest done, the planning for the next years harvest has begun.  It’s a busy time of year.  There is so much riding on the things that must be done after the harvest.



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