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30 days: After the harvest farmers can be found in the board room.
November 18, 2013, 11:31 am
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The man of the soil is an interesting, complex individual.  You expect to find farmers working fields and tending to livestock, but in the boardroom?  Yes, it is not unusual to find farmers in the boardroom of some very large companies.

I grew up with my dad taking trips to meetings all over the country.  When I was young he was on the board of our local cooperative elevator.  For many years he was chairman of that board helping to manage and direct a multi-million dollar company.  Later he spent time on the board of Land-O-Lakes, a national, multi-billion dollar farm cooperative.  Today, at 83, he is chairman of the board of our local POET ethanol plant and also serves on the management committee of the POET group of ethanol plants.

I have friends who are on the boards of directors of local and national banking groups, they serve on hospital boards and school boards, electric companies and manufacturing companies, they advise government offices and politicians, farmers can be found everywhere.  They may not have a college education, but they have the savy learned from years managing their own farm business.  They are willing to learn new things and appreciate a job well done.  If the job is in an area of interest, so much the better.  Without them, many rural companies could not exist.de43f58f66faba7a30340d6b664284a0-1

That man of the soil may be out in his field one day,0-3

and in Washington D.C. the next.  Do not be surprised, farmers know how to get things done.

This has been day 18 of the 30 day challenge.  Hope you have enjoyed the trip so far, I still have lots of places to be.



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