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30 days: Assuring Quality after the harvest

The harvest is over and it’s time to make sure we are doing our best to provide food for the world, it’s time to take some tests.mdalogo-smlSitting by my computer is the manual for my Private Pesticide Applicators license.  The Minnesota Department of Agriculture wants to be sure I know what I am doing when applying any pesticide on my farm.  To keep my license I am tested every three years.  The manual covers things like pest management, pesticide laws, protecting the environment and safe handling of pesticides.  To protect the food that I produce and my family that lives here I choose to be licensed to handle the chemicals used on my farm.

Livestock producers also have the opportunity to be certified in livestock production.pqaPlusLogoYou can take part in the Pork Quality Assurance programPbqalogothe Beef Quality Assurance program or steldev3000003be a USDA Certified Organic producer.  Everyone of these programs, and many others, are set up to protect both us and the consumer of our products.

All of these programs take extra work for the farmer and rancher, but we do it for ourselves and for the consumers of our products.  If you are going to do something you might as well be the best you can be.

This has been my posting for the 25th day of the 30 day challenge.  You can find more information on myself and other 30 day challenge agriculture bloggers by following the links.



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