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30 days: Tinkering after the harvest
November 26, 2013, 1:49 pm
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Yes, tinkering, attempting to repair or improve things around the farm.  All farmers do it.  There’s a bit of time so maybe that tractor needs a better step or the gate needs a new hinge, there is so much to do.  Many improvements that are found on modern machinery started in some farm shop.  Sometimes whole machine lines and businesses started out with a farmer tinkering in his shop.  We can’t let the engineers have all of the fun.

Harvest was long and hard, but the list of things that were not quite right on machines is fresh in your mind.  Perhaps you can fix them, or improve them.  Now is the time to do things that may or may not lead to improvement.

My dad loves old tractors.  He has several that he has spent time restoring over the years.  Me, I prefer wood, although I have been known to do a bit of welding.  The shop is warm even though the cold wind is blowing across the prairie.  Must be something I can build or fix.

There is so much to do after the harvest is over.  We have a few days left in the 30 day challenge, today is day 26, where do I go from here?  Check it out tomorrow.



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