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30 days: Getting ready for snow after the harvest
November 29, 2013, 8:21 am
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Here in southwestern Minnesota snow in the winter is a given.  We have had years with little snow, but most years have enough snow so you have to be ready for it.  So it’s day 29 of the 30 day challenge, let’s talk snow.100_2527We’ve already had three warning shots of snow.  The snow was beautiful and it melted.  Now the average daily temperature is below freezing and any more snow we will get is less likely to melt.  Lakes are freezing over and the ground has a bit of frozen earth also.  Our next snowfall is likely to last.

I put in the posts for my snow fence before the ground froze, soon I must put the fence up.  There is an art to snow fencing.  A snow fence does not keep the snow out, but stops it from blowing.  The area down wind from the snow fence will develop a pile of snow and less will blow onto areas where you do not want snow.  Notice I said less.  Here on the prairie wind will continue to move snow long after it has fallen.

Also on the list of things to get ready for snow are loader tractors and snow blowers.  I prefer a snow blower to a loader.  A loader tractor leaves a pile that becomes a snow fence, a blower puts that snow into the wind and deposits it far from where it was.images

It’s time to get the tractor hooked up to the blower and have it ready in the shop.  I’m not wanting snow, but when it falls I want to be ready.

So here’s to being prepared for winters worst.



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