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Glass Walls Project

It is really amazing to me the number of people who complain about animal abuse and then do nothing about it.  The NPR web site today was promoting a story about the problems “ag. gag” bills have had getting passed this year.  Most of the media seem to think these bills are about shutting down freedom of the press.  Animal rights groups see a loss of revenue since they would be required to report abuse in a few hours rather than holding it until they can make a media splash.  Let me make this clear, Animal abuse is never OK.tumblr_static_animalcrueltynotokHow many of you would wait to report the abuse of a child?  Many animal rights groups think it is OK to delay reporting abuse.  This is not right.  Farm groups want animal abuse stopped now!  We want the bad apples in our midst to be immediately removed from contact with animals just as you would want someone who abuses children immediately removed.

89460Part of that effort is something called the Glass Walls Project.  If you are concerned about the way your food animals are handled I invite you to view some of the video’s found there that feature Dr. Temple Grandin.  She’ll take you through some animal operations and show you what is being done and why it is being done.  Those who produce your food want you to know.



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