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Simple life?

There are some words to a John Denver tune in my head I’d like to share.  They evoke back to a time people would like to believe is still possible on the farm, a farm life that was already mostly gone when these words were written.

“Thank God I’m A Country Boy”

Well, life’s on a farm is kinda laid back,
ain’t much an old country boy like me can’t hack.
It’s early to rise, early in the sack thank God I’m a country boy.
Well, a simple kind of life never did me no harm,
raising me a family and working on the farm.
My days are all filled with an easy country charm, thank God I’m a country boy.
Well, I got me a fine wife, I got me old fiddle.
When the sun’s coming up, I got cakes on the griddle.
And life ain’t nothing but a funny, funny riddle, thank God I’m a country boy.

Sorry folks, the simple life is no longer on the farm.  There are many who would like them to be, who think that times were better then than now, and I would disagree.  That simple life that supposedly was around back when I was born was the world of those visiting the farm.  The easy country charm does not include pulling calves out on the prairie in a rainstorm, or trying to get a sow and her pigs into shelter when the snow is falling.  It does not include fixing machinery at 30 below or mucking out a barn by hand in summer’s heat.  Nor does it include being up to your elbows in something that a city person would not even get within sight of.

Oh, I still thank God I’m a country boy, but a simple boy cannot make it on the farm today.  We daily wrestle with problems that no office, floor or line worker can comprehend.  One day we must be carpenters, and the next accountants.  We deal with complex computers and the facts of life and death often in the same day.  We operate heavy machinery and protect honey bees just so our families can eat.  When it’s harvest or planting, or the cows have pushed down a fence, we sacrifice meals, sleep and our health for people who complain that the food we produce cost’s too much.529984_495798610485209_1247879837_n

No, life on the farm is not “laid back,” but it is rewarding, and that is why we brave bad markets and bad weather.  It is the best place in the world to raise children.

Farm folks are in demand for their work ethic and ability to handle whatever the world throws at them.  Our rural children make up the bulk of our armed forces despite the small percentage of people who live in rural areas.  Ain’t much a country boy or girl can’t hack, they are early to rise, and late in the sack, I thank God for all of those who grew up in the country.  It’s not the simple life, but it is a good life.



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It is true, people not from the country or from a farm really don’t understand all the work and versatility required on a farm. I’ve really found that out after moving to Saint Louis. What farmer has time to sit out on his front porch every evening? They weren’t in my family haha.

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